Too Shy ApS is one of Scandinavia's leading wholesalers.

Too Shy ApS has been in business since 1997 when the company obtained the distribution of brands such as Porn Star and Split for Scandinavia.

Today, the company has five stores in Denmark (Drop Dead) and is considered a progressive trendsetter for Hip Hop and Street Wear in Denmark.

Too Shy ApS’ objectives

To be trendsetters and the leading retailer of Urban Street Wear and Street Culture in Scandinavia.


Too Shy ApS is managed by three shareholders: Martin Hinz, Thomas Hinz and Gerd Hinz. Martin and Thomas are brothers and Gerd is their father.

Martin Hinz is the President of Too Shy ApS and Gerd Hinz is the CEO.

The Hinz family are well-established wholesalers in Denmark and have extensive experience in design, production and import of Street Wear and Hip Hop lines to the Scandinavian market.


Too Shy ApS has approximately 220 accounts in Scandinavia and is constantly increasing this number.